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Inheritance: Wounds in the hearts, minds, and landscape of the Holy Land

By Steven Martin - Posted on 13 January 2012

The New Evangelical Partnership announces a new program opportunity for your church or university. "Inheritance: Wounds in the hearts, minds, and landscape of the Holy Land" is a traveling photo exhibit that provides the perfect opportunity for a discussion of conflict, peace, and justice. NEP Executive Director Steven D. Martin brings photographs and stories about his time in Israeli and Palestinian cities and will bring a message of how deep wounds, not religious differences, create the context for the challenges of this part of the Middle East.

This exhibit can work in different ways. To begin, 20-25 photographs will be shipped to your venue for display according to your specific needs. At the end of six to eight weeks, they will then be shipped back to our office. Displaying these photographs in a public area within your facility offers a beautiful and thought-provoking way to draw attention to the crisis at the heart of the Middle East: the crisis of pain and fear rooted in years of anti-Semitism, apocalyptic ideology, and injustice.

Read a review in the Houston Chronicle here.

We recommend that this exhibit be introduced with a lecture by the photographer, NEP Executive Director Steven D. Martin. Steve has traveled extensively through the region and has worked with such leaders as Glen Stassen, David Gushee, Marc Gopin, Salim Munayer, and Paul Alexander. His extensive documentary filmmaking work on Christian anti-Semitism during the Nazi era gives him a uniquely loving, balanced perspective that shows in his powerful photographs of both beauty and horror, often in the same frame. Steve speaks engagingly of his own experience of taking these photographs and the profound effect they have had on him and others.

A PDF brochure for this program can be downloaded here. If you would like to learn more about how to bring this traveling exhibit to your community, please call us at 865-483-6823 or email Grants are available to offset some expenses of this program, so let us know of your interest soon.

What They're Saying:

"Rev. Steven Martin uses photography and film-making to create respectful and affectionate portraits of all God's children including especially Jews and Muslims. Many of these people suffer from insult and disdain from other Christians. But he embraces them as an evangelical Christian, and that makes him a leader among evangelicals."

-Joseph V. Montville, Creator, Abrahamic Family Reunion Project, George Mason University


"Steve is a gifted photographer, peacemaker and spiritual leader. I am deeply moved by his images and his insights, and proud to call him a friend and colleague."

-Rabbi Amy Eilberg


Complex conflicts in today’s world demand creative solutions. Steven's creativity, compassion, and giftedness as a photographer are on full display in the "Inheritance" program. He demonstrates the power of image to bring peace. This program is a visual peacemaking masterpiece. It goes right to the heart!

-Rick Love, President of Peace Catalyst International, Consultant for Christian-Muslim Relations


In all of his holy work, whether through his artistic productions or his applied theology in shepherding the New Evangelical Partnership, Steve Martin combines the sensitive eye of an artist with a passion for healing some of the most painful wounds of the past and present among the families descended from Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar. Having worked with him for years I can testify that his love for all people of whatever tradition provides him with a balance in his perspective which can trouble those with preconceived biases but is presented with respect and even leavened with humor when appropriate. As a filmmaker and ordained pastor he has explored the failures of faith that troubled the last century and he continues his healing mission with this photographic exhibit.

-Rabbi Gerry Serotta, Executive Director, Clergy Beyond Borders

"Rev. Steven D. Martin is a promoter of peace and goodwill at home and around the world, inspired by his evangelical Christian faith and manifested in his photography, filmmaking, and activism. Through his latest photographs from the Middle East, he brings to light a deep recognition of the Holy Land's beauty and significance to us all, amidst the conflict which often overshadows it. I hope his work will be viewed by many and that it may help bring about peace and justice to the region."

-Dr. Mohamed Elsanousi, Director of Community Outreach, Islamic Society of North America

"Reverend Steven Martin is passionate advocate for justice. His humility, honesty and deep compassion will educate and inspire. Steve models what is best in the world of interfaith today."

-Rabbi Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer, Director of the Religious Studies Program at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College


"Rev. Steven Martin brings many gifts to make this exhibit capable of changing hearts and minds. As an evangelical committed to justice and peace in the Middle East, as a Christian absolutely committed to ending anti-Muslim sentiment, as an amazing artist who sees things that most of us don’t see, Steve has produced an exhibit that will bring tears and new perspectives."

-Rev. Richard Killmer, Executive Director, National Religious Campaign Against Torture

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