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Islam in America: The Christian Truth

Too often the words “Muslim” and “terrorist” are interchangeable in the public mind. The caustic effect of the 9/11 attacks and the aftermath of two wars in Muslim countries has left many wondering: can Muslims ever embrace democracy? Will Muslims ever be truly American?

“Islam in America: The Christian Truth” is the New Evangelical Partnership's new film that tells the truth about American Muslims. Through intimate portraits of both immigrants and those who been US citizens all of their lives, viewers will come to know Muslims as they truly are: peace loving, responsible citizens, who bring culture and beauty to the places where they live, as well as jobs and economic empowerment. You will hear the struggles and triumphs of those who came to America seeking a better life for their families. You will be surprised by persons who encountered Muslims with suspicion, but found instead life-long friends.

Stories told in this film:

  • Adil Naji, who brought his family’s generations-old business from Morocco to the US
  • Rob Schenck, a conservative Christian who convinced Terry Jones to not burn the Quran in September 2010
  • The Murfreesboro, Tennessee Muslim community, which encountered violent resistance to their plan to build a new Islamic Center in their city in 2010

This film is the perfect centerpiece for a discussion about Islamophobia and the role of friendship in geniune peacemaking. Interested in having that discussion? Email Jessica, our field organizer, and get all the details about how we will help you host a screening in your area.

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