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Major Religious Groups Condemn Inhumane Anti-Immigrant Law in Arizona

As AZ Bill is Signed into Law, Faith Community Urgently Calls for Comprehensive Reform

As Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs into law today the most extreme anti-immigrant legislation in the country (SB-1070), the national and Arizona faith community are condemning it as an affront to moral conscience that will divide families and communities. The inhumane legislation demonstrates the urgent need for national political leadership to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Arizona Senate Bill 1070 tasks law enforcement with checking papers for anyone they suspect as undocumented and penalizes those who provide aid to illegal immigrants.

Below are statements on Arizona's anti-immigrant bill from a dozen evangelical, mainline Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish leaders representing millions of Americans:

Rev. Jan Flaaten, Executive Director, Arizona Ecumenical Council

"All the religious leaders of Arizona know and understand that this law will not solve the issue of crime along the border or in our state, but it will demonize anyone who looks suspiciously like an undocumented person leading to inevitable racial profiling. Our religious traditions ask us to treat people with dignity and respect, and we look for a more enlightened and hopeful way of working with the undocumented people who live along side us."

Bishop Minerva Carcaño, United Methodist Church, Desert Southwest Conference

"This bill does nothing to address any border security concerns. At our borders and in our congregations, schools, workplaces and service programs, we witness the human consequences of an inadequate, outdated system. The passage of SB1070 demonstrates why America needs Comprehensive Immigration Reform: frustration with our broken immigration system is driving Arizona to make inappropriate and self-defeating efforts in this area. We want our broken immigration system to be healed through a just transformation of the law at the appropriate federal level of jurisdiction, which makes it possible to meet the labor needs of American business while making our border secure."

Peg Chemberlin, President, National Council of Churches

"Our current immigration system serves no one well: not those of us worried about our jobs and the future of our children, nor the businesses that need labor that complements our own skills, nor those who want a better life for themselves and for their children. But this Arizona law changes none of that, instead it heightens tensions, crosses constitutional boundaries, and will be intolerably costly. Comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level has never been more needed."

Rev. Jim Wallis, President and CEO, Sojourners

"The law signed today by Arizona Gov. Brewer is a social and racial sin, and should be denounced as such by people of faith and conscience across the nation. It is not just about Arizona, but about all of us, and about what kind of country we want to be. It is not only mean-spirited - it will be ineffective and will only serve to further divide communities in Arizona, making everyone more fearful and less safe. This radical new measure, which crosses many moral and legal lines, is a clear demonstration of the fundamental mistake of separating enforcement from comprehensive immigration reform. Enforcement without reform of the system is merely cruel. Enforcement without compassion is immoral. Enforcement that breaks up families is unacceptable. This law will make it illegal to love your neighbor in Arizona, and will force us to disobey Jesus and his gospel. We will not comply."

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

"Today, Arizona stands as the state with the most xenophobic and nativist laws in the country. We need a multi-ethnic firewall against the extremists in our nation who desire to separate us rather than bring us together. Shame on you Arizona Republicans and shame on you Senator John McCain for endorsing the legislation.

We call upon RNC Chairman Michael Steele to condemn this new law or Hispanic Americans will read the silence as a de facto endorsement and a preview of what will come if the GOP takes over Congress in 2010. Second, we call upon Attorney General Eric Holder to review this legislation since it's clearly a violation of constitutionally protected civil rights. If you are Hispanic in Arizona, you just became a suspect and open to police harassment. We call upon all Latinos and immigrants who are citizens in Arizona to defend their constitutionally protected rights."

Dr. Jim Tolle, Senior Pastor, The Church On The Way

"As Christians, Jesus Christ asks his followers to be both law-abiding citizens, as well as people who are to love their neighbors as themselves. This includes the immigrant.

To benefit from the labor of the immigrant yet reject them from being participants in society is both a contradiction and thoroughly unchristian.

I believe the time has come to fully challenge any laws which run contrary to what the Founders of this nation had in mind when they stated that all people 'are created their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights.'

To sign this bill into law in Arizona only adds further confusion and polarization between the peoples God has created in his image and which this nation has sought so diligently to bring together and heal."

Noel Castellanos, CEO, Christian Community Development Association

"The perfect storm of harsh economic need and poor immigration policy have worked together to create our current situation that threatens to not only devastate families who already live in fear of being deported, but the moral authority of our great nation.

From our founding, the United States has been a land of opportunity comprised of immigrants from every corner of the earth. While the transition from immigrant to resident to citizen has never come without trial and hardship, we have consistently welcomed the immigrant, knowing that their eventual integration into the fabric of our country would make our entire nation stronger, more vibrant, and a place of hope for the entire world.

I fear that all we aspire to be as a nation is in jeopardy with the today's passing of SB1070 by Governor Brewer in Arizona. On behalf of millions of Christians throughout our nation, we lament the passing of this legislation and will do all we can to stand on the side of families effected by this divisive new law."

Jesuit Refugee Service and the Kino Border Initiative, Nogales, AZ

"At the Kino Border Initiative's Center for Deported Migrants in Nogales, Sonora, we are seeing increasing numbers of repatriated migrants each day. Hundreds of people come to us with blistered feet and with broken spirits. Drug violence and abuses against migrants also plague the border region of Ambos Nogales, and discourage us deeply as we respond to the great needs of deportees. Finally, to add insult to injury, the Arizona state government has passed a law that empowers local police officers to verify a person's immigration status if they simply suspect he or she is undocumented.

We feel very strongly that this legislation encourages racial profiling and will make our communities less safe, by making people reluctant to report criminal activity to local police. We continue to support efforts to pass comprehensive immigration reform at the federal level, which would include a path to legalization for undocumented people, as well as reform of the visa system. Such policy changes would facilitate family reunification and provide employment opportunities where labor needs exist. These steps will obviate the misguided efforts of Arizona and other states to enforce immigration law, which should continue to fall under the purview of the federal government."

New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good

"Throughout the Bible, God commands us in no uncertain terms to show kindness and hospitality to the foreigner and the stranger. The deplorable anti-immigrant legislation signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer flouts these commandments by mandating racial profiling, criminalizing ministry to undocumented immigrants, separating immigrant families, and exacerbating a climate of fear and suspicion that pits neighbor against neighbor. We join with Evangelicals and people of conscience everywhere in denouncing this wholly unbiblical and immoral law."

Gideon Aronoff, President and CEO, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

"The Jewish community has long called on our national leaders to reform our immigration laws to 'welcome the stranger' and to create an effective federal immigration system characterized by the rule of law and the humane treatment of newcomers. In the meantime, Arizonans are now living in a world where police may impound vehicles transporting anyone found to be an undocumented immigrant, which means that Arizonans who don't check the papers of the kids they drive to Sunday school may now be engaging in illegal activity. Arizona has taken itself out of the mainstream of American life and has betrayed the proud history of a nation built by immigrants."

John L. McCullough, Executive Director and CEO, Church World Service

"We are deeply concerned about the enactment of SB 1070 as it goes beyond anti-immigrant sentiments and supports racial profiling. This legislation feels reactionary and hateful. It is a clear representation of the politics of division and exclusion. Gov. Brewer has ignored the advice of the Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police and the Mesa Fraternal of Police to veto the bill. By this action, she has actively institutionalized racial profiling and will make Arizona less safe.

As a 63-year-old faith-based humanitarian organization working with 34 refugee resettlement affiliates across the United States, Church World Service understands first-hand the impact this legislation will have on communities. We do take heart that President Obama has strongly condemned this legislation, and urge his administration to do everything in its power to prevent its implementation and the consequences it will have for human rights.

This legislation is an urgent reminder of the necessity of enacting comprehensive immigration reform. Federal legislation fixing our broken immigration system is the way to heal our communities, reunite families, and create an effective and humane immigration system. We thus urge all members of Congress and President Obama to enact comprehensive immigration reform into law, and to rise above the politics of division and to embrace real solutions.

Rev. Jerry Dykstra, Executive Director, Christian Reformed Church

"I am deeply concerned with the direction this legislation has taken Arizona -- and for the way it will affect immigrants, impede the church's ability to do ministry, and unjustly target Latinos. Increased enforcement of our borders makes sense only within a comprehensive reform to our broken immigration system."

Rev. Peter Morales, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association

"Arizona's Senate Bill 1070 undermines everything our nation stands for. Under the provisions of this law, members of my own extended family could be targeted and detained, even though we have been American citizens for generations. Thousands of peaceful, law-abiding residents will be subject to the most invasive and discriminatory abuses of state power.

Everything I hold sacred as an American and as a person of faith is repulsed by this legislation. We cannot stand by while those charged to protect us instead subject us to racial profiling, unwarranted searches, and unjust arrests. We must not let fear and ignorance cause our neighbors to be treated as lesser beings. We must not allow Senate Bill 1070 to violate our national constitution or America's moral conscience."

Bishop Stephen S. Talmage, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Grand Canyon Synod

"Immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility. I and other religious leaders in this state continue to advocate among our Congressional leaders for comprehensive immigration reform that secures our borders as well as being compassionate and humane to those who find themselves enmeshed in the broken system that currently exists. I am concerned that implementing this bill will put local law enforcement officers in a no win situation of either being accused of racial profiling or being a target for more legislative acts to make them immigration officers. It is quite possible that passage of this bill will result in a lawsuit that will require use of already limited tax dollars.

But more than these reasons is the deepening of fear and division within our state population over issues of race. Latino members of our faith community are fearful to report crimes in their neighborhood to local police. Latinos who are legal residents are increasingly fearful of facing harassment or suspicion simply because of the color of their skin. Children born in this state are afraid to come home from school only to find a mother or father not returning because they have been detained or deported."

Mennonite Church, USA

"As Christians, we believe we are called to welcome these sojourners in our congregations and communities, especially as our government creates increasingly harsh immigration laws in the name of fighting terrorism. Assumptions about identity make some people more vulnerable to political biases and discrimination than others. Our concerns about the status of immigrants in this country relate to how people are treated based on race, nationality, ethnicity, and religious identity. We reject our country's mistreatment of immigrants, repent of our silence, and commit ourselves to act with and on behalf of our immigrant brothers and sisters, regardless of their legal status."

from press release from Faith in Public Life, April 23, 2010

Press Release:

Influential Evangelicals Call for Cancellation of Haiti's Debt

New Evangelical Group Launches to Mobilize Christian Support for Loan Forgiveness

As the death toll of last week’s earthquake in Haiti climbs into the hundreds of thousands and the country’s infrastructure lies in ruins, prominent US Christians are calling on governments and international lending bodies to cancel the Haitian government’s foreign debt. A statement released today, organized by the recently-formed New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good and signed by more than 60 prominent Christian leaders, states in part:

We believe that Jesus calls us to work together to set free those who are held captive by debt... This call is especially acute in times of crisis. In light of the catastrophic earthquake and the destruction of Haiti’s already fragile infrastructure, we, the undersigned, call upon all nations and institutions that have made loans to the Haitian government to quickly and completely forgive these debts.

This mobilization (full statement and list of signers may be viewed here: is the first initiative of the New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good, a new organization dedicated to offering a renewed Christian public witness for the sake of the Gospel and the common good. The New Evangelical Partnership is led by Rev. Richard Cizik, former National Association of Evangelicals Vice President for Governmental Affairs; Dr. David Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics at Mercer University and founder of Evangelicals for Human Rights; and Rev. Steven D. Martin, a pastor and former Executive Vice President of Evangelicals for Human Rights.

“We have founded this organization to bear witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ. We have yearned to offer a better model for how Christians address public issues; to be known for always standing up for those whom God loves but the world or the church often mistreat or neglect,” Dr. David Gushee said. “We did not plan to launch our group quite yet and had no idea that an earthquake in Haiti would happen. But it seems to us that now is precisely the right time to get started, and this is the right issue.”

Although international institutions have forgiven much of Haiti’s debt, servicing the nation’s remaining debt costs the Haitian government more than $50 million each year. Relief of this burden will enable Haiti’s leaders to better meet the needs of its devastated population and infrastructure at this time of dire need.

Statement signatories include:

Richard Cizik, President, New Evangelical Partnership
David Gushee, Chair, New Evangelical Partnership
Steven D. Martin, Executive Director, New Evangelical Partnership
Joel Hunter, Senior Pastor, Northland—A Church Distributed
Samuel Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
Jim Wallis, President and CEO, Sojourners
Richard J. Mouw, President and Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary
Jo Anne Lyon, Chair, World Hope International Board of Directors
Lisa Sharon Harper, Co-founder and Executive Director, New York Faith and Justice
Randall Balmer, Professor of American Religious History at Barnard College, Columbia University
Gabriel Salguero, Pastor, The Lamb's Church and Director, Hispanic Leadership Program, Princeton Theological Seminary
Roy Craft, Director, Martin Luther King Jr., International Chapel, Morehouse College
Cheryl Bridges Johns, Professor of Christian Formation & Discipleship, Pentecostal Theological Seminary
Adam Phillips, Chair, Micah Challenge USA
Brian McLaren, Author/speaker/activist
Jonathan Merritt, Author and activist
Amy Laura Hall, Associate Professor, Duke University
Bill Leonard, Dean and Professor of Church History, The Divinity School, Wake Forest University

Full list of signatories here:

The New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good (NEP), a faith-based non-profit, offers a renewed Christian public witness for the sake of the Gospel and the common good. For more information, please visit:

New Evangelical Manifesto

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