Survey of Religious and Community Attitudes Toward Muslims

Acts of bullying and hate against Muslim Americans are on the rise.  How are Christians called to respond?  Use this new resource from New Evangelical Partnership for the Common Good to encourage your members to join the conversation. 

Download the “Survey of Religious and Community Attitudes Toward Muslims” and get the conversation going.

In order to document evolving views from pastors on the perception of Muslims in their local communities, the New Evangelical Partnership convened several focus groups in Tennessee and North Carolina in 2014-2016.  The focus groups looked at the impact of religious bias – like bullying in schools – on the fabric of community life.  They also looked at the negative impact of Islamic stereotypes perpetuated in mainstream media and compared this with how pastors access information about Muslim practices and traditions.

Growing out of these focus groups, the New Evangelical Partnership developed a survey tool for pastors and congregational leaders to help YOU get the conversation about attitudes toward Muslims started in your congregation and community.

Use this survey as a starting point to get YOUR members talking about ensuring that America remains a place where all can freely practice their faith without fear of violence or persecution.

More interaction with Muslims and recent travel to Muslim countries has helped me to think more comprehensively about Muslims in terms of culture, family, economics, and faith rather than only in terms of war, terrorism, and the kind of ‘Islam’ presented by ISIS.
— Evangelical pastor, North Carolina
I have a better understanding of [Muslim] culture and religion that helps me to want more open dialogue
— Evangelical pastor, Tennessee