About the Survey: 

This survey was developed as a tool for pastors and congregational leaders to use with your networks to assess Muslim sentiment in your communities. Once you register to use the survey, NEP may follow up with you to find out how you are utilizing the survey among your networks. Please let us know if we may help with anything related to administration of your surveys!  

This survey was developed in conjunction with several focus groups held in TN and NC in 2015-2016 to gauge evolving views from pastors on perception of, and engagement with local Muslims in their communities and perception of Islamic stereotypes in mainstream media and how that interfaced with how pastors accessed information about Muslim practices and traditions. 

We hope this will be a valuable tool that helps you to shed light on shifting attitudes in your communities on engagement with local Muslim communities.

Evangelical pastor survey on anti-muslim bias:

Setting up your own survey link for collecting responses is simple and free using google forms.

1.      Go to forms.google.com. (If you do not have a google account, you will need to set one up.)

2.      Go to “Set Up A New Form” (You can start with a blank form or choose from a template.)

3.      Add and compose questions by choosing the “+” sign on the right hand side

4.      Select which types of answers you will allow – multiple choice, open text, etc.

5.      You can add an “other” option to multiple choice responses.

6.      You can make questions required by moving the required tab to the right.

7.      Near the top right of the screen, you can change the color of background by clicking the paint palette icon.

8.      By clicking the wheel, you can access settings. Click “collect email addresses.”

9.      Click the eye icon to preview what your survey will look like to respondents.

10.  When you are satisfied with your survey, click the send button. You can forward directly to email addresses, or click the paperclip icon to generate a link you can forward to others via email, or post on a website or page.

11.  Once you’ve sent out your survey, you will start to collect responses. Go back to the same form and click the “Responses” tab on the right. You will be able to see individual responses or summary graphs for multiple choice response questions.

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