Who Would Jesus Torture?

The U.S. Torture REport

The United States leads the world with moral authority because we are a nation founded on values and laws. As American Christians, we enjoy the immense privilege of living in a nation that allows us to worship without restraint and speak freely. With those blessings of freedom come an innate responsibility to speak out when the actions of America’s leaders threaten to undermine our country’s moral standing.

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”     -Matthew 5:14

The recently-released CIA torture report brings to light the horrific acts of torture and abuse our government has used against its prisoners. The details of the report testify to the truths we have known for so long:

Torture does not work.

Torture is wrong.

Torture corrodes America’s standing as a moral light for the rest of the world.


Now that the CIA’s torture report is public, Christian’s have a responsibility to witness to both the ineffectiveness of torture and it’s stain on America’s moral authority.  We must ensure our leaders understand America is both better and smarter than this.  We cannot ever direct American soldiers to torture again. As Christians, we understand that remaining silent in the face of torture is tantamount to condoning the sins of our nation. If we take seriously Jesus’ call to be a city on a hill, we must demand that our nation’s leaders increase government transparency and put an end to the practice of torture.


Join the growing chorus of Christian voices calling for greater government transparency from our elected leaders.

Unfortunately, one of our elected leaders in charge of increasing government transparency and accountability as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee is actively using his position to bury the details of the CIA torture report. Senator Richard Burr is currently attempting to prevent the American people from having the information necessary to hold our government accountable for inhumane interrogation and torture techniques used over the past decade.

Sign the petition to call on Senator Burr to end government secrecy and give the American people the information necessary for an informed democracy.

The Petition

Our leaders are elected to uphold our nation's values and laws and call us to our better angels. That's why it is so disappointing that rather than using his position as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee to promote oversight and transparency, Sen. Richard Burr is attempting to bury an important report on the CIA's interrogation and torture programs. As Christians, we call on Sen. Burr to end government secrecy and give the American people the information necessary for an informed democracy.


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